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Program overview and installation


System requirements and compatibility


Usage and configuration

Under Windows 9X or Windows NT 4.0+, a right click on the icon will bring up this menu:  Under Windows NT 3.51, a left single-click on the icon will bring up this menu: 
A left click on the icon will perform a user-defined operation. A left double-click on the icon will execute the default menu action. 
A left double-click on the icon will launch the currently selected screen saver or open the Screen Saver Properties page if no screen saver is selected.. A right click will toggle the screen saver timeoute bewteen enabled and disabled or will open the Desktop Control Panel if no screen saver is selected. 

Command-line options for Screen Saver Activate

Command Description Notes
-activate or -a Launch the screen saver. Will launch even if the screen saver is disabled, unlike the ‘Automatic activation’ configuration option, which only launches if the screen saver is enabled
-wakeup or -w Close the currently running screen saver. This option will simulate a keypress and thereby close the screen saver if one is running (Windows 95 only).
-kill or -k Any existing instance of Screen Saver Activate will exit. If this is passed to the first instance, it will exit immediately. Despite the name, this option does perform an orderly shutdown.
-enable or -e Enable the screen saver. The enable and disable commands are for the current session only; meaning that if Screen Saver Activate is exited and relaunched or if the user logs off and back on, these settings will not still be in effect.
-disable or -d Disable the screen saver.
Command Description Notes
-dpmsexe fqp Provides an alternate location and/or name for  the DPMS helper program. Where fqp represents a fully qualified path reference, which must include the name of the  executable Normally, this program is called dpmstat.exe and is located in the directory in which Screen Saver Activate is installed.
-dpmsmode [on|off]  Toggle DPMS support within Screen Saver Activate. This option can also be changed through the Screen Saver Activate configuration dialog.
-dpmsquiet [on|off] Set the error reporting mode, for problems relating to the DPMS helper process.  This option can also be changed through the Screen Saver Activate configuration dialog.
Command combination How it is handled 
-activate and -disable The screen saver will be disabled, but will still be launched.
-disable and -enable The option which appears last on the command-line will be used. 
-wakeup and -activate The -wakeup command will be ignored in this case,  but will be honored in combination with any other commands.
-kill and any options Screen Saver Activate will exit without processing any other command options.
-activate, -enable or -disable These commands are ignored if no screen saver is selected. 
-enable/-disable, -dpmsmode, -dpmsquiet, -dpmsexe If any of these options appears more than once on the command-line, the last occurrence of that option is used. 


Known issues, troubleshooting, etc...

Cause Detail
Screen Saver Activate cannot locate the program file needed for DPMS mode control and monitoring. The executable, dpmstat.exe, must either exist in the directory where Screen Saver Activate is run from or have it’s location and name provided by using the -dpmsexe command-line parameter.
System resources may be low. Screen Saver Activate has to launch a separate task to monitor the DPMS mode states and also a separate thread within Screen Saver Activate to communicate with this task. So if system resources are low, then either of these operations might not be able to occur: check for extremely low USER, GDI or SYSTEM resource levels.

Shareware and Registration

This application is a copyrighted commercial product which is currently distributed as freeware. This means that you may use the program freely with no charge for its useage. This product was previously distributed as shareware, and the registration required payment of a fee, but registration is currently free.

The first time it executes (and every time until the program is registered) a popup dialog box will appear and ask for registration information. Once the program has been registered, this dialog box will not reappear. This program does not contain a "time bomb" to limit its unregistered usage, but you will have to register the program to avoid having to answer the dialog box inquiry when the program starts

You may pass this (unregistered) program along to your friends and associates. Please distribute the original archive file rather than the individual files contained therein. (The archive file is located in the REDIST subdirectory if you are installing from the floppy disk version).You may also post it to any BBS, WWW site, or on-line service. We only ask that if you continue to use this program on a regular basis that you register it. You will be rewarded with having the program load swiftly and silently instead of nagging you when it starts. We also are able to provide a higher level of technical support to registered users.

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